Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4

Contoh soal bahasa Inggris ini sangat baik digunakan untuk melatih kemampuan anak-anak Anda dalam berbahasa Inggris.

Bagaimana bentuk dan format soal bahasa Inggris ini?

Yuk baca sama akhir contoh-contoh soal berikut ini…


Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD

Choose the correct answer..

1. Teacher : Good morning class Students : ……………

a. How are you?
b. Good Bye
c. Good morning
d. fine

2. A : May I borrow your pencil? B :……………

a. Okay
b. Thanks
c. Nothing
d. great


3. How do you spell your name? It is……..

a. Ari
b. Ira
c. Ara
d. Aira


4. How do you spell tiger?

a. Ti ai ji ii ar
b. Ti ee je ee ar
c. Te ai ji ii ar
d. Te ee je ai ar

5. A : it’s break time
B : Let’s go to canteen
C : OK
This conversation happens at …….

a. Cafe
b. School
c. Market
d. Shop


6. These are the things at home, except…

a. Sofa
b. Bed
c. Cashier machine
d. Stove


7. What do you need to make Vegetable Soup?……..

a. Egg, flour, butter
b. Cabbage , flour, butter
c. Broccoli, carrot, potato
d. Butter, carrot, potato


8. A : What do you like to order? B: I would like to have a glass of tea, a hambuger and salad. This conversation happens at……..

a. School
b. Restaurant
c. Market
d. Bank


9. It is for cleaning the floor. It is…..

a. A duster
b. A broom
c. A napkin
d. A rubbish basket


10. What do you prepare to study at school?

a. Book, pencil, wheel
b. Book, eraser, pencil
c. Book, marker, duster
d. Book, ruler, stapler


11. ………. food do you like? I like chicken.

a. What
b. Who
c. When
d. Whose


12. What do you buy in the traditional market? I buy some fruits and vegetables. They are………

a. Grapes, carrots, bananas.
b. Grapes, bread, noodle.
c. Green bean, rice, bananas.
d. Star fruits, tomatoes, chicken.


13. What day do you have flag ceremony at school? It is on …….

a. Sunday
b. Monday
c. Friday
d. Tuesday


14. Do you go to school on Sunday?

a. Yes, I do
b. No, Idon’t
c. Yes,no
d. I do


15. Where do you save your money? I save it at……..

a. Airport
b. Bank
c. Market
d. Grocery store


Contoh soal bahasa Inggris : Reading

My School
I am a student. I study at Ekselensia School. It is one of a primary school in my town. My school is in Kenanga Street. My School is big. It is clean also. It has many rooms. There are twelve classrooms.

There are principal’s room, teachers’ room, laboratories, library, hall, praying room, canteen, parking lot, clinic, administration’s room, lobby. My school has small playground. It is next to the park.

The park is behind the canteen. The canteen is clean. It sells many kind of foods and snacks. My school is safe too. There are security guards. They keep our school. I am happy to study here.

16. Does the writer feel happy to study at school?

a. Yes, he does.
b. No, he doesn’t
c. The school is big
d. The school is clean


17. Where do the students buy the snack? They buy it in the …..

a. Classroom
b. Canteen
c. Playground
d. Clinic


18. How many classrooms are there? There are ……. classrooms

a. 11
b. 13
c. 14
d. 12


19. Does the school have clinic?

a. Yes, it does
b. No, it does’nt
c. It is a clinic
d. It is clean


20. What’s the school address?

a. It is in town
b. It is next to the bank
c. It is in Kenanga street
d. It is big

Baca juga contoh soal bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 6 sekolah dasar (SD).

Inilah yang bisa kami share tentang contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas 4 sekolah dasar. Semoaga bermanfaat dan terima kasih.

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