Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas VI

Khusus bagi putra-putri Anda yang sekarang belajar di kelas 6 (enam) sekolah dasar, berikut ini contoh soal  Bahasa Inggris  SD kelas 6.

Bagaimana bentuk dan contoh soal bahasa Inggris untuk kelas enam sekolah dasar?

Yuk simak contoh soal bahasa inggris kelas 6 berikut ini…


Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris

Choose the correct answer

1.  He  is tall, but his brother is …….

A.    Big

B.     Short

C.     Good

D.    Nice


2.     My father is …….. than my mother.

a.      Tall

b.     Taller

c.      Tallest

d.     More taller


3.     …….. is he?  He is my friend.

A.    What

B.     Whose

C.     Who

D.    How


4.     He is …… student  in  my class.

a.     Good

b.     The best

c.      More good

d.     Bad


5.     Where is your office?  It is ……. the cafe and the grocery store.

a.     Next to

b.     Behind

c.      Between

d.     In front of


6.     …… do you go to school? I go to school by bike.

a.     What

b.     Which

c.      How

d.     Where


7.  He goes to school by ……..

a.     Friend

b.     Monday

c.      Bus

d.     Morning


8.     She is my teacher. She……. at school everyday.

a.     Teach

b.     Teaching

c.      To teach

d.     Teaches


9.     We …… go to school on Sunday.

a.     Do

b.     Don’t

c.      Does

d.     Doesn’t


10.  I don’t ……. brothers.

a.     Have

b.     Has

c.      Has not

d.     Have not


11.   I am thirsty.  I want  to ……

a.     To eat

b.     To sleep

c.      To drink

d.     To take a bath


12.  Sinta has five eggs. Gani has eighteen eggs. How many eggs are there ? There are……. eggs

a.     12

b.     22

c.      23

d.     13


13.  Arrange these words! Some – novi – cats – has – cute

a.     Novi has cute cats some.

b.     Novi some has cats cute.

c.      Cats has some novi.

d.     Novi has some cats


14.  Everyday is rainy . what season is it now? It is……

a.     Rainy season

b.     Dry season

c.      Cloudy

d.     Windy


15.  I have  ……. of milk for my breakfast.

a.     A glass

b.     A plate

c.      A bowl

d.     A piece


Contoh soal bahasa Inggris kelas 6 – Bacaan

Independe day

We celebrate it on 17 August.There are  many games to do. At school we have flag ceremony. We have to sing our folk song. It is indonesia raya.

We also eat tumpeng and pray together  for our country in neighbourhood. Tumpeng is  a kind of Indonesian food. It is very delicious. There are many competations too. We are all happy to make our celebration.

16 when is our independence day?

a.     It is  on 7 August

b.     It is on 17 August

c.      It is on 7 May

d.     It is on 17 May


17.  We are   ….to be Indonesian.

a.     Happy

b.     Sad

c.      Nice

d.     Nervous


18. how do you celebrate in your neighbour?

a. we watch tv

b. we sing

c.        we pray

d. we cry


19. we have ….y

at school.

a. games

b. exams

c. swim

d. play


20. My mother is ……. in the kitchen

a.     Sleeping

b.     Reading

c.      Cooking

d.     Studying


21. Rudi is  reading …………

a.     A pen

b.     A school

c.      A newspaper

d.     A bag


20.  The colour of our flag are…….

a. black

b white

c. red

d red and white

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