SOAL TOEFL 2021 – Part 01

Pernahkah Anda tes Toefl? berapa score Anda? Mudah-mudahan memuaskan dan sesuai harapan. Namun bagi Anda yang belum mencapai skor yang diharapkan jangan menyerah ‘never give up‘ kata anak zaman now.

Terusa berusaha hingga skor Toefl harapan Anda benar-benar tercapai.

Bagaimana cara mencapai skor Toefl yang memuaskan? Terus belajar, terus berlatih dan berlatih.

Dan berikut ini kami sajikan contoh-contoh soal Toefl untuk belajar dan berlatih. Langsung saja yuk ikuti pembahasannya satu per satu….

Contoh Soal Tes Toefl – STRUCTURE

Choose the right answer

A: Her fever is …….. to ignore

  • A.Too much high
  • High too much
  • Too high
  • So high

B: Hurricanes ………. during this time of year.

  • Almost occur never
  • Occur almost never
  • Almost never occur
  • Never occur almost

C: The professor was pleased with …………. of the students.

  • Progress remarkable
  • Remarkable progress
  • The progress remarkable
  • The remarkable progress

D: The environmental damage caused  by  the  the oil spill likely  …….

  • To severals years
  • For several years
  • Severally years
  • Year several

E: The actress, having worked for many hours without interruption, …….. it difficult to remember her lines.

  • Find
  • Was finding
  • Was found
  • Were finding

F: The woman wished she  …………  such drastic action when the stock marked  seemed volatile.

  • Had not taken
  • Did not taken
  • Not take
  • No had taken

G.: Bill took not only a French class ……….. a Japanese class.

  • But also
  • And
  • Too
  • But too

H: The children become ill after taking medicine that was …… date.

  • Off the
  • Outside
  • Out of
  • Over

I: One of the students is studying  to be a doctor but ……. wants to be a musician.

  • Other
  • Others
  • Another
  • The other

J: This course is one of  ……… few English courses  offered by the college each

  • The
  • Only
  • Mostly
  • Almost


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Bagaimana pendapat Anda?

Demikian beberapa contoh soal tes Toefl yang bisa kami sajikan, jangan lupa ikuti terus contoh-contoh soal lainnya. Semoga bermanfaat dan terima kasih.