Soal Bahasa Inggris


Bagaimana bentuk soal bahasa Inggris SMP (Sekolah Menengah Pertama? Berikut kami sajikan 2o (dua puluh) contohnya.


Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 1

Choose the correct answer !

Perhatikan contoh soal bahasa Inggris SMP dalam percakapan berikut ini:

Desi : hi dinda

Dinda : hi… how are you?

Desi   :  I am fine.. and you?

Dinda : I am pretty well.thanks.

Desi : How was your holiday?

Dinda : It was great. How about you?

Desi : We had fun.

Dinda : OK.. let’s come to our class now. The bell is ringing.


1.     Are Dinda and Desi classmates?

a.     Yes, they do

b.     Yes, they are

c.      No, they aren’t

d.     No, they are


2.     Did they have fun in their holiday?

a.     Yes, they did

b.     No, they didn’t

c.      Yes, we were

d.     Never


3.      Is their holiday over?

a.     No, it isn’t.

b.     Yes, it is

c.      No, it wasn’t

d.     Yes, it was


Mother : please, take some vegetables in fridge!

Mutia  :  OK, mom

What do you need?

Mother : We are going to make  chicken soup.   So we need carrots,

Chicken, leeks, potatoes, macaroni, peas, tomatoes.

Mutia  : Okay,  I’ll  take them.. ehmm, mom we don’t have any

garlics and onions.

Mother : Do you mind buying  them in the nearest grocery  store


Mutia : Sure mom


4.     What are mutia and her mother going to do?

They are going to….

a.     Eat

b.     Go shopping

c.      Cook

d.     Clean the house


5.     What are they going to cook?

a.     They are going to make   salad

b.     They are going to make  soto

c.      They are going to make  gado-gado

d.     They are going to make  chicken soup


6.     Where do they keep the vegetables?

A.    In the grocery store

B.     In the refrigerator

C.     In the  basket

D.    In the green bag


7.     What do you think about Mutia?

a.     She is a lazy girl.

b.     She is a clever girl.

c.      She is a helpful girl.

d.     She is a bad girl.


8.     You want to go sleeping. Your mother is still watching TV . How do you say?

a.     Good bye mom

b.     Good evening mom

c.      Good night

d.     See you


9.     I am in the……… grade of junior high school.

a.     7

b.     7 th

c.      Seventy

d.     Seventeen


10.             S : Good morning ma’am

T : Good morning Andy

Why are you late?

S:……… I missed the bus

T:  OK

a.     OK

b.     Sorry

c.      Thanks

d.     Fine


11.             B: How much is it?

A: It is ……..

a.     Nice

b.     Cheap

c.      Ten thousand rupiahs

d.     Good


12.               I have a friend. ….. is Budi. He is twelve years


a.     He

b.     His

c.      She

d.     Hers


13.             She is  Anisa . She likes to swim.  Her hobby is……

a.     Swimming

b.     To swim

c.      To swimming

d.     To be swim


14.              Maria lives in Kartini Street number 10. The sentence  informs   some one’s…………………

a.     Hobby

b.     School

c.      Address

d.     Occupation


15.             Mr David drives to work.

How does he go to work? He goes to work by……

a.     Bus

b.     Motorcycle

c.      Train

d.     Pedicab


Perhatikan contoh soal bahasa Inggris SMP : Reading

Today is Sunday. Dita doesn’t go to school.

Usually she stays at home. But today she is going to go out with her friends. Sh e wants to buy some stationaries. They went to the book store. They bought some note books, pencils, erasers, pens and correction pens.

They were happy , because they’re  on sale. So that’s why everything becomes cheap there.


16.            Dita …….  a student.

a.     Is

b.     Was

c.      Is not

d.     Was not


17.             Are they holiday on Sunday?

a.     Yes , she is

b.     Yes, we are

c.      No, they aren’t

d.     Yes, they are


18.            Where did they go?

They….. to book store

a.     Went

b.     Go

c.      Going

d.     To go


19.             ….. it becomes cheap. It refers to……

A.    Anisa

B.     The store

C.     The friends

D.    The price of the stationaries.


20.             It is a kind of stationary  except…..

a.     A Note book

b.     A pencil

c.      A Rubber

d.     A  cap

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Demikian contoh soal bahasa Inggris SMP khususnya untuk siswa-siswi kelas 1. Semoga bermanfaat dan terima kasih.