Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 3

Contoh-contoh soal bahasa Inggris SD (Sekolah Dasar) yang disajikan ini dirancang agar sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan kondisi anak-anak yang sedang belajar di sekolah dasar terutama kelas 3 (tiga).


Soal Bahasa Inggris SD kelas 3

Choose the correct answer

1. My mother likes cooking. Her hobby is….

a. Cooking
b. Dancing
c. Gardening

2. Mandy likes to stay in the library. Her hobby is….

a. Dancing
b. Reading
c. Travelling

3. Everyday the man does some activities in the garden. His hobby is….

a. Dancing
b. Reading
c. Gardening

4. What number is before seventeen? It is…..

a. 15
b. 16
c. 17

5. What number is after twenty? It is……..

a. 19
b. 21
c. 22

6. How old is your mother? She is….. (38)

a. thirty five
b. fourty eight
c. thirty eight

7. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, …….Saturday.

a. Forday
b. Freeday
c. Friday

8. I want to be ……… ( pramugari)

a. a driver
b. a pilot
c. a stewardess

9. ……….works in the hospital.

a. A doctor
b. A teacher
c. A butcher

10. Do you want to be a doctor?Yes, ……..

a. I do
b. I don’t
c. I does

11. Herman …….. like fishing.

a. does
b. doesn’t
c. not

12. We have….. legs.

a. two
b. three
c. one

13. We see with our…………..

a. nose
b. eyes
c. ears

14. u- e – t – g – o – n. It is…..

a. Tongue
b. Tounge
c. Toengu

15. I have long……..

a. hand
b. hair
c. hip


Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SD: Reading

My name is Rania. I am nine years old. I am in the third grade of

elementary school. I have brother and sister. They are Rasya and Rizka. Rasya is twelve years old. Rizka is six years old. They are students of elementary school. Our school is not far from our house. We go on foot to school. My mother is a house wife.

She cooks our breakfast everyday. She helps us to prepare our needs. In her free time my mother runs her on line shop. My father is a Computer Programmer. He works for a big company in our town .

He doesn’t work on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes we enjoy our dinner in a nice restaurant on weekdays.

16. Is Rania a student?

a. Yes, she is.
b. No, she is not.
c. No, she is.

17. How do Rania and her brother and sister to school? They go to school…….

a. On foot
b. By car
c. By bike

18. Does Rania’s mother work for company?

a. Yes, she does.
b. No, she doesn’t.
c. Yes, she doesn’t.

19. Does Rania’s father work on Saturday?

a. Yes, he does.
b. No, he doesn’t.
c. Yes, he doesn’t.

20. What do they like to do on weekdays?…….

a. They like to stay at home.
b. They like to go to market.
c. They like to go to restaurants

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